Monday, March 15, 2010

Photos, photos, photos

My camera is back! They shipped it to my husband's office since we have a P.O. Box so I won't have it until late this afternoon, but the moment is back in my hands, I'll be outside taking lots of photos of the latest changes in the garden. The past week has been a whirlwind of activity around here. We pulled out an old chain link fence that was an eyesore (and full of mature poison ivy vines), finally got the iron wall of ginger dug up (it took a chain hooked up to a truck to dislodge it, despite all the recent rain!), trimmed back the climbing rose over the arbor, made a small bed for roses now that the area is clear, and planted lots of herbs.

I was reminded of the importance of taking photos of your garden as I looked back through old ones that showed how different our yard is now. I have photos of the big bed in front of the game room when we first built it. It was a neat bed with a few small plants and a small water garden. The water garden now is gone, the small African irises now are huge stands and we have a narrow walkway of flagstone that leads to the fountain we put in a couple of years ago. It's so nice to have all the changes documented. This photo is an old one of the climbing rose in overblown glory. Later, fellow gardeners...

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