Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dill is easy to grow - right?

Dill is easy to grow. Even new gardeners know that. Look it up and you'll learn that all it needs is full sun and well drained soil and watering when dry.

So why do I have so much trouble with it?

I'm on my third attempt to grow dill. The first time around, it grew, but did not thrive. The second time, it turned brown and died. This time, as you can see by the photo, it's turning brown around the edges. Again.

I've read that dill does not like to be transplanted. Maybe that's it. I don't see any signs of pests.
Is there something I'm missing?


  1. Oh dill ... I took care of the gardens at my apartment in Denver...my good neighbor planted dill along with other herbs in pots that sat adjacent to the garden...the dill thrived, seeded all over the garden traveling yards from the mother pot....many hours were spent pulling dill out of my flower beds....and for that reason, I chose not to plant dill in my new herb garden here. Perhaps dill enjoys poor granite soil, a high altitude and dry dry dry air ...

  2. Would be interesting to see if you can get it to grow. You would be proud, Mom... I'm growing herbs now myself! :)