Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cameras in the garden

If you've noticed a slowdown in posts with photos, there's a reason. My camera has been acting up for a while. I did some online searching and found it was a known flaw in a component that should be able to be replaced. So I shipped it off and have been camera-less since. It's been miserable. Here we are when buds are forming, cold-hardy annuals are re-blooming and everywhere I look I see potential shots. I am anxiously awaiting news of my camera's return. Until then, I'm inviting any gardeners who have photos to share to post them or email them to me with a brief description, your first name and city. Photos are an integral part of this blog and I like to use original photos. Send yours in. Even when I get my camera back, I'd still love to see your photos.

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