Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loropetalum 'Burgundy'

Joel and I bought this Loropetalum (chinese var. rubrum 'Burgundy') a number of years back from a clearance sale at the garden shop Rhette Browning used to have on Calder in Old Town. It was on clearance because it was root bound and leggy.
We planted it in one of the first beds we built in an "L" alcove of the house. I didn't prune it much because I liked the tree shape, rather than the squat form. It obviously loves the spot, since it's now 10 feet tall or more. I prune it only when two branches rub or it encroaches too far into the yard to make mowing easy.

It rewards us with the most amazing, neon fuschia blooms, like these. Click on the photo and look at the dark branch at the lower left. It's the true color. As long as our tree is happy, I'm letting it have its way.

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