Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gloxinia Revenge

If you ever doubt the inexplicable ways of plants, consider this.

After I blogged about a gloxinia having one beautiful bloom season and being too difficult to get to bloom again, I went to water my gloxinia and found an ENTIRE new set of leaves coming from beneath all the droopy, damaged and dying leaves and brown buds

Sure, it said. Diss me and I'll show you!

Time will tell if that new growth will sustain blooms. Until I find out, I'm treating it with the respect it evidently demands.


  1. My daughter had a little green Begonia plant in a pot that I gave to her. In the midst of moving and my son taking over the ownership of her house, the plant was left on the window sill. No one watered it until it dyed. Or so I thought. I brought it home and there was one green leaf left, disconnected from the plant. I pushed it into the pot and put it on my window sill, and watered it. It had no stem. Tiny leaves grew up around this leaf, and mow the plant has returned a new! I had heard that you could grow Begonias from leaves, but I had never tried. who knew! Maybe Gloxinias work the same way?

  2. I tried the leaf planting years ago with an African Violet leaf, and it worked, also. Plants seem to have their own survival systems.