Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There's always next year

Several people emailed during the time I was taking the Master Gardener class to ask about it. While it was too late for them to attend this year's class, there's always next year

The Jefferson County Master Gardener Short Course is taught once a year. Those who express interest are mailed a packet explaining what the program is, what the requirements are, how much it costs, when it is held and other vital information. You have to sign up in advance to take the course because the class is limited to around 30.

Taking the class is a commitment. The MG program is above all a volunteer group that works within the community to further the goals of Texas Agri-Life. Those who finish the two-week course are interns. We won't be certified as Master Gardeners until we complete 50 hours of volunteer work, divided among the test garden at the airport, answering the phone at the Agri-Life office and other public education opportunities.

As someone who has taken the course, I can tell you you that if you love gardening and are serious about it, this is an amazing opportunity. The workshops are packed with information from knowledgeable people - many experts in their fields - and the book you receive is an invaluable resource.

I loved taking the course and look forward to getting know my fellow interns and master gardeners better. They are a great group of people.

To learn more, call the Jefferson County Agri-Life office at 409-835-8461. If you live in another area, check with your local county extension office.

Happy gardening!

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