Friday, August 28, 2009

Let it rain!

Every day I check the weather forecast to see what the odds are of us getting any rain. After a long, hot, dry summer, we really need it here in Southeast Texas. The trouble is, in our region, when it does rain, it's hit or miss. On the way home from Beaumont a couple of days ago, I drove through a nice sheet of rain. It stopped five miles from our house, which was dry as a bone. How can a cloud hold so much water that it has to let it go only to dump it with such precision that you'd think it had a logistics map and strict orders not to miss the target area?

We've gotten some rain, but not enough to make the kind of difference the ground needs right now. At this moment, the skies outside are a promising gray, but I'm not going to get excited until I hear the soothing sound of plump raindrops against the window panes. The weather forecast says a 50 percent chance of rain. I think they need to define 50 percent. Is that a 50 percent chance it will rain SOMEWHERE in the area - and that of that 50 percent, there is a 50 percent chance of catching a little of it? I'm not great at math, but to me, the odds are against us.

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