Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smith and Hawken Bites the Dust

If you've ever shopped at Smith & Hawken, you know much fun it can be to wander the aisles and look at everything. You also know how expensive they are. We've bought several things from their Houston store, but only during clearance sales.

I've been following a blog - and all the rumors - about what will happen now. For those who might not know, Dave Smith and Paul Hawken founded the company decades ago to sell quality English garden tools. And by quality, I mean lifetime guaranteed heirloom pieces. The duo found a loyal following in Earth-Mother, Gardening Guru types who appreciated their dedication to the environment.

Imagine their dismay when Smith & Hawken, which they sold to the owners of The Nature Company, eventually was bought out by Scott's, the makers of Miracle-Gro. Not only did Smith & Hawken start pushing pesticides, but they began replacing those fine English tools with those of lesser quality.

Rumor has it that Hawken might start another garden tool business. Let's hope so. He was good for gardening - and the environment.


  1. Not only do I have a poacher's spade, but I have a dress that is many years old and still looks great from the original Smith & Hawkins catalog. They were expensive, but they lasted!

  2. Lori, Do you poach with that spade? You know, like the famous Texas Rose Rustlers?