Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scorpion in the Garden

Did the photo make you do a double-take? The real thing sure made me look twice when my husband brought it home and placed it on our copper birdbath.

Being a lover of all God's creatures, I have respect and affection for things that make many people shudder, like spiders and snakes. But the one thing that will make my hair stand on end is the scorpion. I have no rational explanation for this. I've never been stung by one, though I've had some close encounters in Arkansas, where I grew up. They just look so dangerous.
My husband bought this one from an unemployed man selling them downtown. It was the only copper one, he said, so that's why he chose it. He claims to have no ulterior motive, but I'm not so sure. Instead of giving it to me, he placed it in the garden and waited for me to discover it. Even though it's obviously way bigger than a real scorpion, I was startled for a couple of seconds. I might not like the real thing, but I love this quirky sculpture, which perches at the edge of the water. I wonder what the critters that come looking for a drink think?

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