Monday, June 29, 2009

Choosing the right tomato

Now that tomato production has passed its peak, are you taking note of which varieties did best for you? Were some tastier than others, more meaty and less mealy?

The Jefferson County Master Gardeners and the Agri-Life people planted 19 varieties at the test gardens this year. Then, members conducted a taste test. Their choices for the best tasting three varieties were Wild Tomato, Celebrity and Better Boy. That's Celebrity pictured here.

Which tomatoes do you favor?


  1. We planted Celebrity, Better boy, cherry and Roma tomatoes and the cherry tomatoes really took off! Even sprouted some "volunteers" in the middle of the yard! Got one lousy tomato off the Celebrity but quite a few from the Better Boy. The Roma are just now producing a few but stink bugs get the best fruit first! In Celebrity and Roma defense, they were planted in hastily-conceived new section of garden and soil may not have been rich enough. Darn gumbo.

  2. Did anyone have any luck with the up-side-down tomato planters? Ours have bloomed, but only one put on two small tomatoes. One got bottom rot even thought I have watered them every day. I am really disappointed in them.