Thursday, June 4, 2009

Becoming a Master Gardener

For years, I've wanted to take the Master Gardener short course, but never could manage to meet the schedule. This year is the year!

The course - the first step in becoming a Master Gardener - is offered only once a year. For 2009, that's July 20-31. The all-day classes - 9 am-4 pm - will be presented at the Texas AgriLife Extension Office (across from the courthouse) at 1225 Pearl Street, Suite 200.

It costs $150, and that includes all the classes and a 500-page manual. You'll get that back in knowledge alone that will help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Study topics include soils, plant growth, landscape design, herbs, perennials, pesticide safety, fruit production, butterfly gardening, budding and grafting and other aspects of horticulture. Texas A & M professors and local experts will teach the classes. After you take the course, to get your Master Gardener certification, you'll need to volunteer a certain number of hours in gardening-related activities in the community.

Want to be a Master Gardener? There's still time to sign up. Call Texas AgriLife Extension at (409) 835-8461. Space is limited.


  1. Would love to do that, but the hours don't work for me. I have a full-time job that would prevent that kind of committment. Maybe next year?

  2. Yes, it absolutely presents a challenge for those who are employed full time. My sister lives in Waco, and there, the class is offered one day a week for many weeks. That presents a problem for her, since she has to travel on business. Her solution is to come here to take the course with me in July. We're two times happy!