Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birds who read

Even the birds who hang around The Enterprise are inquisitive, resourceful and well-read. At least, that seems a reasonable conclusion judging by their choice of building materials.

Look closely at the photo of the two bird nests posted here. No, I did not rob a tree for them; both fell in the Enterprise parking lot after strong windstorms. Although it's probably hard to make out from a picture, the nests are laced throughout with the trappings of a newspaper.

In addition to leaves, grass clippings and twigs, the nests have twine, webbing and - my personal favorite - ear protectors (note the ear bud). The long yellow and white strips are packing straps that we use to hold bundles of newspapers together. They are strong but flexible, a perfect choice to hold more fragile materials intact.

One nest, which still remains in a tree in the parking lot, has a plastic sleeve carriers use dangling from it.
Who said birds have, well, bird brains?

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