Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meyer lemon Cara Cara orange marmalade

This recipe for Meyer Lemon and Cara Cara marmalade was printed in the Boston Globe, courtesy of Bonnie Shershaw, who makes jams commercially. It sounds wonderful.

9 Meyer lemons
3 Cara Cara oranges
1 cup water
3 cups sugar

Wash lemons and oranges. Quarter and seed lemons. Quarter oranges. Pulse in a food processor until fruit is in 1/4 inch pieces. Combine lemons, oranges and water. Cover and let stand overnight.

Transfer to a heavy saucepan. Heat until mixture begins to boil. Add sugar. Let it bubble, stirring often with a long-handled metal spoon for 20 minutes, or until a little of the mixture dropped from spoon forms thick drops. The mixture will thicken as it cools.

Pour into 6 sterilized half-pint canning jars. Seal and let cool completely. Will store for a year; once open, it will last for 6 months in fridge.


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  2. Do you peel the oranges and lemons before cutting them up?

  3. No, you don't need to peel the fruit. Just cut them up after washing them well.

  4. For a more local connection, the Dominican Sisters in Houston have several orange trees on their property and have become semi-famous for their Orange Marmalade sold every year at their Fall craft sale. They are fairly generous with recipes, ask our own Sister Emily at Kelly.