Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Bedding Plants

Two weeks ago, I started working on a small bed that lines the brick idewalk leading from our carport to the deck.

I removed irises and most of the paperwhites that threatened to take over. I also dug up a Texas gold lantana that was too big for the spot. Mainly, I needed to clean the bed out and get rid of garlic chives, Mexican petunia and Virginia Creeper that had invaded it. Why not start from scratch?

I planted petunias, pansies and a pretty peach/coral snapdragon to augment the wood violets, paperwhites and a daylily already there.

Here's the before (with the violets and a daylily I spared) and after. It looks pretty sparse now, but should fill in nicely. And it's definitely neater and more manageable. Still to come, mowing and edging the bed.

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