Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make your own floral basket

Recently, I hit all the plant nurseries in the area looking for bargains to blog about. As I was walking out of Ellis Discount Pottery, I noticed a woman holding a beautiful and unusual basket of live plants. So, being me, of course I stopped to talk to her.

Gladys Thomas, a former florist owner, had put the basket together herself. Instead of ordering a spray or potted plant for a funeral of a friend, she created a unique arrangement filled with perennials that will provide the recipient years of pleasure.

Gladys filled the basket with a quartet of plants, each carefully chosen. First came a maidenhair fern, which spilled over the side in graceful arcs. Next came gerbera daisies and a spectacular fuchsia Easter cactus for color. Last, but most significant, rosemary for remembrance.

What a great idea. You get to choose the basket and the plants it contains, so you can match them to a friend's personality or style of garden for any special occasion, from birthdays to a hostess gift. Any friend would be sure to appreciate the thought that went into such an offering.

Thanks, Gladys, for the inspiration.

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