Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grab a camera - the bluebonnets are here!

If you live in Texas, you are required to take at a least one picture a year of a child in a field of bluebonnets. I think it might even be a law.

The most famous fields of the Texas state flower are in the Hill Country, but as this picture shows, you don't have to take a long drive to snap a pic. This lovely patch covers no-longer-used railroad tracks along Texas 124 in Fannett. The owners of the Texas-style limestone house nearby once told me people stop there constantly, rolling down the windows to get a better look. Many make a special trip, camera in hand, like this threesome I passed one day recently, prompting me to take a picture of the young woman taking a picture of a man and child.

Who can blame them? It makes a lovely portrait.

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