Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bluebonnets, Part II

Tuesday, I shared a photo of a child being photographed in a field of bluebonnets in Fannett. If parents have a camera in the car, it's next to impossible to drive by without stopping to mark the moment.

Yesterday, I drove by the same field to find yet another camera in action - but it was pointed at a pair of tennis shoes perched on the rusty railroad tracks running through the field.
Tennis shoes and bluebonnets?

Yep. Commercial photographer Will France of In Focus Creative Imaging & Design also found the bluebonnets irresistible - but the baby he was photographing was a pair of Nike's for an upcoming ad. The combination of the intense blue of the flowers, the aged browns of the rusted tracks and the bright orange trim on the shoes undoubtedly will make a striking photo.

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