Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spotlight on: Orange Bulbine

Although the photo is as hazy as the early morning when I took this picture today, you can tell that orange bulbine is an attractive plant with deep green succulent leaves that look a lot like onion leaves and stems of orange and yellow blooms. My plants, which badly need to be divided, bloom all year except for winter. They produce thick clumps that nicely fill in an understory.

Orange bulbine (Bulbine frutescens):
Form: clump-forming
Season: evergreen
Bloom: continuous from spring to fall (deadheading promotes more blooms)
Size: 18-24” tall. Space 18-24” apart. Produces 10-12 flower stalks per plant 2-3 feet above foliage
Native: South Africa
Soil: grows well in a well-drained soil; very tolerant of poor, dry soil.
Light: Best in full sun
Zone: 9 (20 °F) to 11 (40 °F) Grows 18-24” tall. Space 18-24” apart.

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