Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Naturalizing Paperwhite Narcissus

When we moved into our 100-plus year old home in rural Jefferson County more than 25 years ago, we were lucky enough to inherit numerous bulbs. The most consistent - and far-spreading of these - is the paperwhite narcissus. The bulbs multiply with abandon, forming attractive clumps wherever a bulb ends up. They are so hardy that I've tossed some on the ground when digging up a bed, and a couple of years later, a new clump emerges. These paperwhites - hundreds of them - are clustered around an ancient tallow tree in the back corner of the yard. Two other volunteers showed up here as well: old-fashioned canna and a dewberry vine or two. I also have a couple of hundred or more paperwhites in the yard on the south side. I've given many away, and just started a big pot for my daughter, who will plant them in her Nederland yard.

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