Friday, October 30, 2009


If you've never grown crocosmia, consider picking up some corms to add this pretty cousin of the gladiolas to your perennial bed. Crocosmia also can be grown in pots in a sunny location. A new friend from the Jefferson County Master Gardeners gave me a bag of corms a few months back that she thinned from her garden. I cut the tops back to a few inches and stored them in a cool, dry spot. Now, I'm ready to plant for a colorful display in the spring.

Crocosmia (Montbretia):

Bloom: orange/red/yellow flowers in spring and summer; makes good cut flower
Size: 24” wide, 24" tall, with spikes of blooms
Space 6-8 inches apart; plant 2-4 inches deep. Multiplies
Native: South Africa
Soil: grows well in well-drained soil; can rot in standing water
Light: Best in full sun; can tolerate some shade
Zone: 5-9
photo: Wikimedia Commons

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