Friday, September 18, 2009

Speed up your plant's growth?

This morning, I read about Timelapse PlantCam, a camera that takes photos "at user-selected time intervals and then converts them into a time lapse video, so gardeners can see an entire growing cycle in seconds!"

Is this a good thing? Gardening is very much a zen experience - a celebration of the act of preparing the soil, planting a seed or transplant, tending it regularly, and watching it grow. It is a lesson in patience and perseverance, two things the world seems to be losing.

I believe that gardening is good for the soul - and like most things that enrich us in life, can't be rushed. Though harvesting the vegetables and fruits and enjoying the flowers are immensely satisfying, much of the pleasure of gardening is derived from the act, as well as the result.

I can see some positive points. It could be a good tool to explain to a child how a plant matures. Because most kids have short attention spans and are visually-oriented, watching a video could captivate them - and anything that helps create an interest in children for gardening and the outdoors is a blessing.

The product($79 retail) is from Wingscapes (; see it at:

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