Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to keep birds away from fruit trees

In the age-old battle between birds and fruit tree owners, the birds often win. It's hard to keep them away from ripening fruit. Even if they don't eat it, they can mar the fruit, the way birds do by pecking away at citrus fruit to get oil to rub on their feathers. One of the old-time methods was hanging aluminum pie plates from strings on the tree branches. Sunlight reflects off the pans as they spin in the trees and frighten the birds away. Really smart birds catch on, though it does help. Next on the shiny object arsenal came compact discs. Thread a string through the hole, and, voila - instant reflectors.

Now comes a new product. Whether it will work, who knows? But here's the info in case you're interested in trying. New product: The Bird Irator Reflective Discs -- Made of stainless steel, the discs are round and have a protective silicone edge. Hang the discs about 3 feet apart ("units will move and sway with the wind, setting off a reflective shine that deters the birds.") Suggested retail price: $29.95, available on http://www.inventhelpstore.com/. For more information, or for ordering, call (800) 851-6030 or (412) 288-1368; fax (412) 338-0497.

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