Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mosaic pot fun

Well, here's the finished product of the clay pot I covered with bits of broken china and pottery. The one on the right is the first one I ever made, using some leftover materials a fellow classmate had on hand (thank you again for sharing!). That was a challenge, which is one reason it's so gloriously gaudy with all those shiny beads, but that's OK. I'm giving it to my mother-in-law, Alta, whose taste tends toward the colorful and heavily embellished. I'm thinking it's a match made in heaven.

The one on the left is slightly more subdued, which will fit nicely in the Garden Room (our guest bedroom). And yes, I realize these are amateurish, but they are my first efforts, after all. I'm enjoying it so much I'm going to tackle a tray and then a table. I find it both challenging and restful. It's so beautiful outside today it was perfect for doing Mosaic work. I did notice that the low humidity and breeze meant the grout dried much faster, which made it a little harder to work with.


  1. I love the pots and that you were not afraid to tackle that project. I have seen tables, chairs, etc covered with the shards of vintage plates, even pool boarders. Maybe try to use the shards of just blue & white plates, or just the shards of one large plate. Nice work.

  2. Thanks, Lori!
    I have begun collecting plates to use and have some lovely blue and white ones that I am saving until I get more experienced. I used large pieces on the pots and want to start working with smaller, more tightly-placed tiles. Have you ever Googled mosaic artists? It's astonishing how talented many are.

  3. Thanks for following my Jarvis House Blog. I worked for 35 years as an art teacher with elementary students. I made many tile murals, but I never tried to put them on pots. A good tile nipper is essential. thanks again.L.

  4. What did you use to attach the tile and pottery pieces to the pot?