Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trade leaves for trees

Shangri La Botanical Gardens in Orange continues to have innovative and relevant events for Southeast Texans. This Saturday, they will offer a double chance to help the environment; get rid of leaves that would go to a landfill and get a free tree. Here's the announcement, taken from their website:

On Feb.13, Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center will swap trees for leaves. Participants may bring one or more bags of leaves to Gate 4 at Shangri La and receive a tree. Gate 4 is located approximately one block west of the entrance of Shangri La on Park Avenue in Orange. The address for this entrance is 2140 Park Avenue. Signs will show the entrance. Trees will be swapped for leaves between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and Noon. Anyone who would like to receive a tree to plant on their property can bring one or more bags of leaves to swap for a native tree in a one-gallon pot. Bags should contain only leaves, no trash, sticks or limbs. Most of the trees available are a variety of oak and only the first 200 participants will receive a tree. Please, only one tree per participant. If participants would simply like to donate their leaves, they are not required to take a tree.

Leaves from this project will be composted and used in Shangri La gardens. Workers will be available to unload leaves and load trees. This is an excellent way to help save landfill space and provide needed composted materials for Shangri La. For additional information, please phone (409) 670-9113.

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  1. Hey Jane, lots of great info on your blog. I'll send my hubby over since he's the outdoors person in our family. Just wanted to tell you how good it was to see you Tuesday night at your booksigning. Hope you don't mind that I blogged about it at
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