Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Pancakes

Want to support a good cause and enjoy some tasty pancakes?

Feb 23 is National Pancake Day and IHOP restaurants are serving free short stacks of pancakes (7-10 a.m.) to help raise awareness (and money) for Shriners Hospitals for Children. IHOP has set as their goal donations of $1.75 million. They've already raised $3.25 million over the past 5 years through the National Pancake Day fundraiser. When guests are given their pancakes, they are asked if they would like to donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children (22 pediatric hospitals that provides all services free).

Shriners does great work, helping children get top-notch medical care when they otherwise might not be able to afford it. So go enjoy some pancakes and make a donation for the kids.

1 comment:

  1. I'm fairly certain that this is the greatest holiday of the year - You don't have to get dressed up for religious services; your in-laws aren't coming in for it; it doesn't cost money; and you get PANCAKES! God bless IHOP.