Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't forget to feed the birds

Winter might drive us indoors, but our feathered friends still have to fend for themselves out in the elements. A bird's food supply is lower in winter - and they need more fuel than usual. Both are good reasons to venture outdoors and fill the feeders.

Place food at several levels. Mourning doves, sparrows, towhees and juncos are ground feeders; cardinals, finches, and jays like table feeding while titmice, goldfinches and chickadees prefer hanging feeders. Feed woodpeckers, nuthatches and wrens on tree trunks.

Put out sunflower seed, white proso millet, thistle, suet, peanut butter and dried fruit to attract a variety of birds.

Don't forget fresh water.

Photo from Droll Yankees Bird Feeders

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  1. I love feeding the birds daily. I counted 10 doves, 2 bluejays, pair of cardinals & what I call chee-chees the other day. Even the squirrels get in on the action. I go to the feed stor in Nederland & buy a 25lb bag of hen scratch & that is what I feed them. They love it...I also put out any old dried bread, rice & even spaghetti...they are spoiled & gobble it up.